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Auszeichnung 2018


MegaFon - Transforming an iconic Russian brand in

MegaFon is currently the second largest mobile operator in Russia. They have been struggling to pass the market leader MTC and identified a new target group, digital consumers, as the focus of their business strategy. While MegaFon is building an ecosystem of products and services in diverse categories we set out to create a thought-through design and strategy as a strong corner stone for the brand, yet flexible enough to cater for the ambitions and aspirations of the business. In close collaboration with the client and their advertising agency we prepared the brand to set a new signal within the market. Under pressuring deadlines, we developed and documented the new strategy as well as the key visual elements that bring it to life. Essential was the digital-first approach, whether through the conception and realization of motion and sound principles or the flexibility of the design system allowing for the creation of engaging content on social platforms. The first results of the campaign run indicate great performance along key KPIs, growing the brand in a future-relevant market position.

Interbrand GmbH
PJSC MegaFon